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Since over one year, I have been working intensively on my research on "Ethics and Higher Education". It is amazing how much you can discover on the topic. You may find some useful information on the post below:

Publication, expert report, corporate transparency and research in Russia Russia (GE-RU) has been working on a number of projects in partnership with the Institute for Economic Strategies (NP INES) and the National Center for Science and Technology Information (NTNTI Ltd) including the following:
1.    Publication in Russian of ‘Applied Global Ethics: Economics, Innovations, Development, the World', a collection of articles by Christoph Stückelberger 
The collection comprises 12 chapters written by the Founder and President of, Christoph Stückelberger, drawn from the first four volumes of the Readers Series No. 1-4 (2016). Topics addressed in the collection include economic ethics, investment ethics; climate justice, values and global development; dialogue ethics, conflicts of interest, values-based innovation and research ethics. The volume is available online at

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